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Telehealth + Online Therapy

I provide convenient and secure telehealth therapy and video sessions.  I use a HIPAA-compliant video platform to provide a safe a secure space to talk to a therapist in the comfort of your own home or office. 

Benefits of Telehealth and Online Therapy:

-Convenience: Telehealth makes it easier to keep consistent, routined visits with a therapist 

-Accessibility: Sometimes it's hard finding childcare or transportation.  Telehealth makes it easier to be able to access care in certain circumstances. Plus, you can connect with providers throughout your state. 

-Calming: Telehealth can decrease stresses associated with getting to an appointment (traffic!)

-Effective:  Studies have shown the telehealth and online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy

-Cost-effective: Less time away from work and childcare costs


During COVID-19 I am also providing phone, FaceTime, and Zoom to make therapy as accessible as possible during this time.  

Most insurance companies are offering some form of telehealth coverage, especially during the pandemic.  It'd be worth a check on your mental health benefits!

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