Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to learn about me and my practice.  I hope you find the information offered here to be helpful in your decision in finding a therapist that will be a good fit for you.  It can be challenging to search for a therapist and take the step to make an appointment, so I commend you for doing so!  

Here’s a little about me, my approach, and experience…

- I’m passionate about people living full, thriving lives and being holistically healthy. 

- I was drawn to the counseling profession at a young age and felt it fitting with my natural listening skills, compassion, empathy, and curiosity in others.  I absolutely love coming to work everyday.

- I value a practical, collaborative and personalized approach to your therapy experience. I provide insight, encouragement, and a safe and non-judgmental space.

- I offer a supportive atmosphere to process thoughts and feelings, identify and build on personal strengths, and learn practical life skills to get you to where you want to be.

- I’m open to feedback and view my clients as experts of their own lives.  I’m humbled by my clients’ vulnerability and willingness to examine their lives and make changes that make sense for them. 

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Oregon.  I finished my Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2006 and I have 13+ years experience providing therapy to a variety of clients.  Prior to starting my own practice in 2011 I worked at various non-profit agencies providing in-home and intensive community-based treatment for children and families in crisis and/or DHS involvement.  My therapeutic approach pulls from the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory, emotion focused therapy, and family systems theory.

I have experience and training working with the following:

- Anxiety and depression, Stress management                  

- Abuse and trauma recovery       

- Child play therapy and teen counseling                   

- Life transitions and personal growth

- Relationship, marriage, couples counseling        

- Post-divorce, blended families, stepparenting                 


About me personally, I grew up in a small town in Indiana playing piano and French horn, catching fireflies in pickle jars, and riding bikes with my cousins on my grandfather’s farm.  I did a lot of traveling in college (I only have two states to go before hitting all 50!) and was introduced to the PNW. I, of course, fell in love with the mountains, greenery, no humidity, and the ocean close by.  So much so that I made Portland my home the summer after finishing my Master’s Degree in 2006. 

Since moving to Portland, I married my love and became a stepmom.  My stepdaughter is now a thriving teenager…and driving! What a unique, challenging and rewarding experience it is to be a stepparent! And my husband and I have a 3-year-old little girl who has captured my heart in ways I couldn’t imagine.  We spend the bulk of our time going on adventures together. So my husband and I have a teenager and a “threenager”…needless to say, we are busy!  We love going into the city and hiking.  My husband is an avid cyclist and I love running.  I finished my first marathon in 2014 but 1/2 marathons are my favorite distance. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me and my practice.  I look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you as well.