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Adolescents - Teen Therapy

We want the best for our kids and teens and hope that we give them the love, support, limits, structure, and experiences they need to grow into their potential.  Teens these days are navigating all kinds of pressures: academic, social, family, establishing their own identity and values, just to name a few!  I have been working with kids and teens since the start of my career, and it’s my favorite group of people!  I provide a variety of talk therapy and am collaborative with parents and others in the community such as pediatricians and schools.   

Teens often struggle with their appearance, identifying goals, identity, risky behaviors, over-thinking, and self-criticism.  They generally want more time with their friends and to work with more autonomy (don’t tell me what to do!).  Teens often want counseling to have a private space to sort out their own thoughts, opinions, and emotions and identify formation.  More and more, I’ve heard of teens self-advocating to start therapy on their own.  Sometimes it’s the parent suggesting it, and after initial resistance, I’ve found more often than not, teens actively participate and enjoy coming to therapy once they get started. 

Here are common issues (Developmental Tasks) in Adolescence:

-Identity: Who am I?

-Intimacy: How do I establish close relationships with others?

-Sexuality: What are sexual feelings and how am I going to express them?

-Achievement: What am I good at and how can I make a contribution?

-Autonomy: How am I going to use my independence as a self-governing individual?

*Info from “Talking with Teens: Adult-Adolescent Communication Training. Adolescent Health Training Institute, Pheonix, AZ. 

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