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Relationship Counseling

Are you a couple wanting to enhance a sense of partnership, trust, and connection? Relationships need consistent, stable care like we do as individuals.  I work with couples who are wanting to increase their vulnerability, partnership and security with one another. 


I have additional training in Emotion-Focused Therapy and have completed Level 1 Training in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy.  Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotion-Focused Therapy said, “Most fights are really protests over emotional disconnection.” She points out in her treatment that often when a marriage fails it isn’t because of conflict; it’s the decreasing affections and lack of emotional responsiveness that is often the cause. 


Whether you’re newly married or have been married a long time, get along pretty well or feel distant from one another, couples therapy can be a helpful tool to keep your relationship thriving and nurtured. 

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