Surviving Emotional Abuse

Here is a list of "Bill of Rights of Survivors of Emotional Abuse". I came across it at a training about the effects of emotional manipulation. If you or someone you know has been in a manipulative or emotionally abusive relationship, this is a great tool to regain a sense of personal rights and boundaries.

Bill of Rights for Survivors of Emotional Abuse:

  1. I have the right to say “no” and not be hassled or emotionally manipulated because I said no.

  2. I have a right to have honesty from anyone I am involved with.

  3. I have a right to exit a relationship.

  4. I have a right to safety at all times.

  5. I have a right to loyalty with partners, friends, family and co-workers.

  6. I have a right to forgive, but I have a right to forgive without continuing the relationship.

  7. I have a right to make my own decisions.

  8. I have a right to feel good about myself.

  9. I have a right to eliminate people from my life who continually emotionally manipulate me.

  10. I have a right to have and believe my own opinions.

  11. I have a right to disagree with people, but still have a good relationship with them.

  12. I have a right to have as many friends as I want.

  13. I have a right to unconditional love.

  14. I have a right to expect integrity and authenticity from people.

  15. I have a right to have a balanced life, including a close partner, friends and family.

  16. I have a right to confront anyone who tried to emotionally manipulate me.

  17. I have a right to my own distinct and unique identity.

Emotional Manipulation: Understanding Manipulators and Helping Their Victims by Jim Fogarty, EdD

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